Public speaking

Are you called upon to speak in front of a group at work or at a social event? Public speaking is something many people feel uncomfortable doing. You may need to give a PowerPoint presentation in front of an auditorium full of people, conduct a small meeting, or give a toast. Or you may need to give a pitch to one person regarding products or services of your business. Improving your public speaking skills involves a number of parameters:

  • Audience analysis
  • Content construction
  • Confidence building
  • Voice
  • Loudness
  • Speech rate
  • Articulation
  • Eye contact
  • Preparation process

After identifying your strengths and challenges, I help you to tweak your speaking style and develop strategies to manage possible unexpected or unwanted changes in timing, audience participation, or other issues. In addition, preparing the content and rehearsing the delivery of an actual upcoming speaking event can help you to make your performance as good as it can be.


Quick tips

Think about how your presentation style may reveal how you view yourself, your role, and your audience in a situation.

Make your audience remember your speech by preparing simple language and key words.

Consider your ability to make eye contact and change your loudness and speech rate for effect. These aspects of speech can make or break your message.

Always practice and time your speech before presenting.