• Perceptual-acoustic speech-voice-language evaluation: Assessing skills and taking speech samples and state-of-the-art computer measurements

  • Videostroboscopy: Imaging of the larynx and vocal folds with a flexible camera and viewing it on video

  • Perceptual-acoustic fluency evaluation: Assessing skills and taking speech samples

  • Swallow evaluation: Assessing skills during eating and drinking

  • Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES): Imaging of the larynx during eating and drinking

Areas of specialty

  • Transgender voice and other gender-related voice and communication concerns

  • Voice disorders, including laryngitis, irritable larynx / paradoxical vocal fold motion, and many other issues

  • Professional voice, including acting, singing, or high vocal demand in a variety of jobs

  • Upper airway issues, such as cough, throat clearing, breathing, and snoring

  • Aging affects on speech, voice, and swallowing

  • Stuttering, including obtaining and using the SpeechEasy fluency device

  • Accent modification, including linguistic error analysis in relation to Standard American English

  • Public speaking and confident speaking

  • Neurological illnesses that affect speech, voice, language, and swallowing, such as Parkinson's

Speaking engagements

  • Transgender voice topics to community, professional, and student groups

  • Vocal health topics to community and professional groups

Age range

  • Teens, adults, and the elderly (65+)

Individual and group sessions

  • Individual: Rehabilitative therapy, transgender voice training, and professional training

  • Group: Transgender voice workshops and classes

Skype available

  • Individual sessions when appropriate and when the client is located in the states of New York and New Jersey due to standard telepractice licensure law, with some exceptions

Time and financial commitment

  • Depending on the exam, the first consultation is 60-90 minutes and therapy/training sessions are 45 minutes.

  • Therapy/training typically occurs 1x/wk and then less often as you progress. The length of an intervention period varies widely depending on the issue and the individual case.

  • In addition to attending regular sessions, you typically will be expected to practice exercises daily and be mindful of speaking techniques when interacting with others.

  • Fees are discussed upon request.

  • Videostroboscopy and FEES, which are performed and billed at Jordan Stern MD PC, are typically billed in-network, depending on your insurance and insurance plan.

  • All other sessions are in-network with Medicare and out-of-network with other insurances. If you do not have Medicare, you would be expected to pay out-of-pocket at the time of each session, and receipts and documentation are provided upon request for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.