"Vocal therapy helps some transgender people find their voice" • New York Speech & Voice Lab in the press

Here is a radio news story that was broadcast about my client Alice Gorelick on The Pulse on National Public Radio, as part of the WHYY's series Our Bodies, Our Gender September 7-8, 2017:


A big thanks goes out to Paige Pfleger for her sensitive reporting and a big congratulations to Alice on her progress with her voice. Way to go, Alice!

Free voice workshops in September

If you are headed to the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference this year, please join us there for a feminine or masculine workshop about connecting the body and mind.

Feminine voice strategies for the body and mind, Sept 8, 2017, 9:00 – 10:00 am
Masculine voice strategies for the body and mind, Sept 9, 2017, 5:45 – 6:45 pm

Voice change requires not only new voice techniques but also mental cues to yourself about your voice. These cues develop mindfulness of your voice in the moment as well as motivation to embrace and own your voice as it evolves. These hands-on workshops outline things you can DO and things you can THINK in order to achieve a more feminine or masculine voice. Through discussion and practice of various vocal tasks, cues, and reminders, you will discover how the body and mind influence each other in the important process of learning how to express yourself in a more authentic way. These workshops apply to anyone interested in increasing feminine or masculine presentation to any degree across the gender spectrum, with or without HRT. Handouts provided.

"How voice therapists are helping trans people sound like their true selves" • New York Speech & Voice Lab in the press

Here is an online news story featuring my client, Rebecca Oppenheimer, and her work with me on your voice, posted on Fusion.net today (8/17/16):


Many thanks to Nidhi Prakash for a sensitive and nuanced story, and kudos to my client, Rebecca Oppenheimer, for her success in voice and in life! Thanks also to Laura Jacobs LCSW, for recognizing the importance of voice in transgender health.