Laughing in a more feminine or masculine way

Transpeople can have trouble laughing in a more feminine or masculine way even if they are happy with their speech. Believe it or not, we can modify the way we laugh, because laughing is a kind of behavior, just like speech is a behavior. Consider how you may laugh differently in different situations – at the library vs. at a party with friends vs. with your boss, and somehow you can adjust your laugh according to the situation. You can likely even make yourself laugh in those different types of ways, just by thinking about it. Similarly, you can PRACTICE laughing in a more feminine or masculine way, and as with talking, you can be MINDFUL of your technique whenever you have the urge to laugh. Here are some ways to sound more feminine or masculine when laughing:

Feminine laugh:

1. Higher pitch
2. Quieter
3. Smile wide to make the sound smaller
4. Cover your mouth with your hand or try keeping your mouth closed
5. Aim for a giggle or “hee hee” sound

Masculine laugh:

1. Lower pitch
2. Louder
3. Big open mouth, dropping your jaw very low
4. Aim for a bellow or “ha ha” sound

Use these techniques as a guide to have fun experimenting laughing in different ways. Avoid laughing no longer! Laughing is good for your soul! Practice, have fun, and be happy!